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  • 10 May

    Succeeding to Fail

    I read something the other day that made me pause and have an odd thought. The phrase made me think about how we can succeed in life, but still fail. Huh? Succeed at failing? How can you succeed and still fail? There’s a good oxymoron for you. The reality is there are many people today […]

  • 25 Apr

    Eat The Elephant

    I love to eat. I’m not a big meal, large quantity consumer – unless it’s pizza, then I go big! I’m more of a nibbler, and I just happen to have a sweet tooth, so I really like to nibble! That said, I probably consume more calories during the day than the average person, even […]

  • 10 Apr

    The Master’s Marathon Champion!

    When we talk about building a Marathon Mentality, Sergio Garcia who won the Master’s tournament on Sunday is a perfect example of someone who has developed one.  Because he refused to quit on Sunday, he crossed the finish line and claimed victory! After starting 73 major championships in 18 years without a win in a […]

  • 20 Mar

    Let the race begin!

    We would like to thank you for visiting our site! This is our first blog – we call them Marathon Miles – and we are so excited to have our site up and running! Our organization was founded on the belief that you win in the race of life if you do not quit! That […]