Let the race begin!

We would like to thank you for visiting our site! This is our first blog – we call them Marathon Miles – and we are so excited to have our site up and running! Our organization was founded on the belief that you win in the race of life if you do not quit! That is where the name Marathon Mentality was derived. It is about deciding what you want in life, going after it with everything you have, and then refusing to quit. It is developing your own Marathon Mentality!

We are going live this first day of spring in 2017. We know that spring represents a new start. New life is formed, trees and flowers begin to bud. Our company is based in Ohio, and now that spring is here, birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the snow is gone – well almost! It’s like a whole new world! That is our goal with our site. Like the transformation from winter to spring, we want to help you develop a new mentality that will help you transform your life. For those of you that have endured a long “winter,” we want to help.

Our organization is not about running, but developing the same characteristics that are needed to finish a marathon, and translating those same skills to achieve success in life. Only 1% of the population has run and completed a marathon – 26.2 miles.  Unless you are a naturally gifted runner, 26.2 miles is grueling. The training itself is grueling. If you are going to cross the line and get the medal, it all starts with the training and having the right mindset.

The correlation between training for a marathon and working on your goals is very similar. If your dreams are big and worth going after, it won’t be easy. With goals, there will be many days that you will not feel like putting in the effort needed to achieve the goal. With training for a marathon, it also won’t be easy. There will be many days you will not want to lace up the shoes and go running. There will be 15 plus mile days of long runs when you will want to stop. You won’t want to eat right. You won’t want change sleeping habits and schedules that are necessary to train properly. However, like a BIG goal, if you decide that you will go after it with all of your might, dig deep when things get tough, and you REFUSE TO QUIT, you will make it to the starting line! If you make it to the starting line and have trained correctly – physically and mentally, you will finish. It still won’t be easy, but you will finish!

Breaking down marathon training and achieving a goal you can see the similarities. Setting the goal. Developing a plan. Getting started – not letting fear stop you from starting. Staying disciplined and working on the plan daily. Developing grit, and adjusting where necessary. When things get tough and you feel like you will not make it, you develop the marathon mentality of refusing to quit. You only fail if you quit!

So that is a brief overview of why we exist. Our goal is to provide you with information and real life stories that will motivate and encourage you in your life. We would love to hear from you and your real life stories of when you have used your own Marathon Mentality to achieve a goal. Maybe you are currently in a race toward a goal. Either way,  we want to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting our site. If you want to run with us, let the race begin!